St Teilo's Church, Llandeilo Fawr

Part of the Bro Dinefwr Local Ministry Area (LMA)

St Teilo's Church stands on a site where there has been Christian worship for nearly fifteen centuries, dating back to the mission of St Teilo in the sixth century. Our roots therefore go deep in Celtic Christianity and the Age of the Saints. We believe that as the church in this generation we are called to the tasks of spiritual renewal among God's people, and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Llandeilo and the Tywi valley. We dedicate ourselves to the Gospel, to fellowship, prayer, worship and witness, and to the service of others.

Holy Week and Easter 2024

Sunday 24 March. Cymun bendigaid, Teilo Sant 9.30am. Morning Prayer, Holy Trinity 9.30am. Holy Eucharist with Choir, St Teilo 11am. Compline, St Teilo 6pm.
Wednesday 27 March. Holy Communion, St. Teilo 10.30am
Thursday 28 March, Maundy Thursday. Holy Communion, St. Teilo 7pm
Friday 29 March, Good Friday. Stations of the Cross, St. Teilo 2pm
Saturday 30 March. Easter Communion, St Teilo 7pm. Easter Vigil, St. Teilo 9pm - 8am
Sunday 31 March, Easter Sunday. Holy Communion, St. Teilo 8am. Holy Communion, Holy Trinity 9.30am. Holy Communion, St Teilo 11am.

You are welcome to attend any of our services in any church. We would be delighted to welcome visitors, new and returning worshippers.

Church Open for Worship

Compassion talk

A warm welcome awaits you within
This church is an inclusive church. We believe in Church which welcomes and serves all people in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Llandeilo Fawr Gospels

Llandeilo Fawr Gospels

Open Easter - September
Using digital technology, the Llandeilo Gospel Book can be seen again in Llandeilo, where it spent such a significant part of its early history. An exhibition space has been created under the medieval tower of the Church.

Church History and St. Teilo

Exterior view of Llandeilo Church

Llandeilo's history as a known Christian centre dates from the sixth century. It was in the course of that century, probably towards its close, that one of the major Christian figures of Welsh history, Saint Teilo, chose to make it his base and is buried here

Services in Llandeilo Fawr, Maesteilo and Taliaris

First Sunday in each month
9.30 Morning Prayer St John’s Maesteilo
9.30 Boreol Weddi Teilo Sant
11.00 Holy Communion St Teilo’s

Second Sunday in each month
8.00 1984 Communion St Teilo’s
9.30 Holy Communion Holy Trinity Taliaris
11.00 Morning Prayer St Teilo’s
18.00 Evening Prayer St Teilo’s

Third Sunday in each month
9.30 Holy Communion St John’s Maesteilo
9.30 Boreol Weddi Teilo Sant
11.00 Holy Communion St Teilo’s

Fourth Sunday in each month
9.30 Morning Prayer Holy Trinity Taliaris
9.30 Cymun Bendigaid Teilo Sant
11.00 Holy Communion (Sung) St Teilo’s
18.00 Compline St Teilo’s

Fifth Sunday in each month
11.00 Holy Communion St Teilo’s

Each Wednesday morning
10.30 Holy Communion St Teilo’s

March Services and Readings

A Warm Welcome awaits at St Teilo's Church
Julian of Norwich

Llandeilo Fawr Lent Group

Through Lent with Mother Julian
Thursdays 7pm February 15th – March 21st
St Teilo’s, Llandeilo
All welcome

Church Tower, Tŵr yr Eglwys

Church Tower

You may have noticed that the church bells have fallen silent, this is because the structure that holds the bells in place is in urgent need of repair. The bells are actually in danger of falling through the floor into the Gospel exhibition space below! We have carried out a temporary fix to ensure this doesn’t happen.

We are now trying to raise funds to help us carry out these repairs and also to repair the clock in the tower, but we need your help. We need to know how important it is for our community that the bells and the clock are working, and indeed how important it is for our community that the church continues to be a thriving space. We may be doing a survey soon, but in the meantime, please let us know how you view the tower, the bells, the clock and indeed the church itself!

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